La Serenísima
Mastellone Hermanos S.A. is a local company with over 85 years of rich history closely related with the growth of Argentina and its people. We are widely known for manufacturing dairy products of outstanding quality.
Thanks to our strong commitment with this guiding principle, we have earned the trust and confidence of millions of Argentine families who chose our products every day.
This is why we say our values are deeply rooted in family, nutrition, trust and social responsibility.
We have worked hard to become pioneers in innovation, leading revolutionary changes in the local dairy industry.
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Production cycle

Quality begins at the dairy - from the best raw milk we obtain the best milk to produce our high-quality products. The best milk is that which contains less than 50,000 total bacterial counts per milliliter, and La Serenísima is proud to always meet this outstanding quality standard.
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Did you know that the name of our company was inspired on a squadron known as “La Serenísima”?
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The essence of a company is its people. Our on-going effort to achieve outstanding quality, our innovation drive and our strong leadership make La Serenísima a dynamic place to work.
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Reaffirming our commitment with sustainable management, and aware of our responsibility as a dairy processor, we work round-the-clock to implement sustainable practices across our value chain.
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International Markets

La Serenísima has been selling its products across the globe for more than 30 years. Brazil, United States, Russia, Mexico, Algeria and Chile are some of the main destinations of our products, especially milk powder.