Did you know that the name of our company was inspired on a squadron known as “La Serenísima”?

La Serenísima
Origin of the name
"La Serenísima"

During World War I, an Italian air force battalion known as "La Serenissima" – double “ss” in Italian - flew over Vienna with orders to bombard the city. However, the squadron released a load of fliers urging peace, instead. Antonino Mastellone promised himself that if he ever had his own business, he would name it La Serenísima in honor of this squadron.


Antonino Mastellone marries Teresa Aiello on October 26, 1929. This date is considered La Serenísima's founding date.

First Delivery

The company buys its first delivery truck to improve supply, always caring that products reach consumers with their original quality. Little by little, La Serenísima products begin to be sold at pizzerias and restaurants of Corrientes Avenue, one of the major avenues in Buenos Aires. They are also widely accepted in La Boca and Barracas, two neighborhoods with plenty of Italian immigrants who valued and appreciated the goodness of mozzarella and ricotta cheese.

First fat
content analysis

In the early 1950’s the company conducts the first analyses to determine fat and fatty acid contents of raw milk. Thanks to this new procedure, farmers start delivering the best quality milk to us.

Pascual Mastellone

After Antonino Mastellone’s death, his first-born son Pascual takes over the family business.

Milk Pasteurization

La Serenísima begins pasteurizing milk, selecting the best raw milk from farms located in the province of Buenos Aires. After years of intense work and investments, the company was able, through pasteurization, to solve two critical issues of the incipient dairy industry: ensure steady supply during winter and avoid decay in summer months.

Bottled pasteurized

Pasteurized milk is sold in green, glass bottles.

Dairy Farm Inspector

The position of Dairy Farm Inspector is created to keep close contact with farmers and ensure compliance with high hygienic standards in their establishments.


La Serenísima begins manufacturing Yogurt.

Microbiological Laboratory

La Serenísima opens the Microbiological Laboratory, to control and verify quality of processed milk.

Dulce de Leche [Milk caramel]

A new product is introduced: Dulce de Leche.

Transparent, embossed bottle

The traditional green milk bottle is replaced by a transparent, embossed new bottle, improving identification of La Serenísima brand.div>

Report to Farmers

La Serenísima is the first company in Argentina to report the fat content of raw milk to its farmers on a daily basis.


La Serenísima replaces the glass bottle for plastic pillow sachets, providing consumers with a single-service container. This sealed container eliminates any possibility of milk adulteration.

Milk powder

The first milk powder plant is opened.


General Rodriguez plant begins manufacturing butter. Production was previously outsourced.

Lactose-reduced milk

La Serenísima introduces the first lactose-reduced milk, especially designed for lactose-intolerant consumers. This is the first step towards the manufacture of functional products.

Farmers' Technical
Assistance Department

Our company promotes the “Milk Production Promotion Program”. The objective of this private program is to improve quality and quantity of milk supplied to the company. In 8 years, dairy farm production increased threefold, and this ensured supply year-round, especially during winter months, when production drops.

Creation of Selected Milk category

La Serenísima promotes the creation of a new category in the Argentine Food Code: Selected Milk.

Quality seal

La Serenísima awards its LS quality seal to a group of cutting-edge farmers, who meet international quality standards..

Quality Assurance Lab

The Quality Assurance Laboratory is created to certify quality of manufactured products.

Cultured milk

We are the first company to introduce the probiotics concept at consumer level, offering the first cultured milk and other health beneficial products.

Iron-fortified milk

Thanks to an exclusive in-company development, La Serenísima begins adding iron sulfate to fluid milk, yogurt, milk powder and desserts, helping compensate the iron deficiencies in the population.

Advertising blimp

An advertising blimp is launched to promote the new line of yogurts with Lactobacillus GG. The blimp flew over many neighborhoods of the City of Buenos Aires, Greater Buenos Aires and other major cities. This innovating campaign was warmly received by the public, and it is still remembered by many consumers.

Ultra-pasteurized milk

La Serenísima launches Ultra-pasteurized milk, and extends in this way the life of fresh milk. The ultra-pasteurization process permits keeping milk refrigerated, in an unopened carton, up to 25 days without losing its nutritional values.

Strategic Alliance with Danone

The company enters into a strategic alliance with French retail foods group Danone for the manufacture, sale and distribution of yogurt and desserts, under La Serenísima brand.

Less than 100,000 total bacteria per milliliter

La Serenísima becomes the first Argentine brand to certify that all of its raw milk contains less than 100,000 total bacterial counts per milliliter at the onset of pasteurization. This standard is a good indicator of milk quality, as the less the bacterial count, the greater the purity of raw milk. We are also the first company to use milk farmed from cows certified free from brucellosis and tuberculosis.

Serecol Milk

La Serenísima launches Serecol milk, the first phytosterol-enriched milk that helps reduce cholesterol levels.

Mundialito La Serenísima

The company organizes the first “Mundialito La Serenísima”, a football tournament for children up to 11 years. This event is part of the Danone Nations Cup.


Actimel is launched to the market, offering a product that helps support our immune system against the adverse effects of sudden temperature variations, cold, contamination and stress.


It is the first concentrated dairy product with fruit pulp that supports children growth in the early stages. It is produced with an exclusive process of La Serenísima that concentrates and preserves the best nutritional values of both milk and fruit.

La Serenísima
a Leading Brand

La Serenísima is ranked First among the top 200 brands chosen by Argentine consumers, according to a survey by CEOP consulting agency, published in Clarín newspaper. Currently, La Serenísima still ranks among the leading prestige brands.

Dulce de Leche Ser

La Serenísima presents Dulce de Leche Ser, a reduced-calorie milk caramel option.


We introduce Finlandia, a processed cheese, with great acceptance by consumers in general. New flavors were added later to the product range.


This traditional dairy dessert, manufactured with our delicious La Serenísima cream, is introduced to the market.


La Serenísima launches Activia, a probiotic yogurt.

Less than 50,000 total bacteria

In October, Mastellone exceeded its own quality standards, ensuring that all La Serenísima milk contains less than 50,000 total bacterial counts per milliliter at the onset of pasteurization.

Vitamin C-–fortified Milk

La Serenísima launches a new product: whole and skim milk, fortified with vitamin C.

Extra-Calcium and Extra-Casein Milk

We launch a new line of partially-skimmed milks with Extra-calcium/Extra-casein, enhancing the nutritional values of this product.


We introduce a new version of our soft cheeses: Cremon. It was rapidly and widely accepted by consumers, becoming the leader in its segment, and even creating a new category in itself.

Soft Cheeses with LGG

La Serenísima developed a new line of Cheeses with LGG, a probiotic that helps support the immune system and which had been successfully used in yogurts.

Chubut and Grana Pampeana

La Serenísima launched two different cheeses: Queso Chubut, a semi-hard cheese, with soft texture, particular flavor, aged for over 50 days; and the exclusive Grana Pampeana, a finely granulated cheese, originated in the Pampas, noted for its piquancy touch and a sweetish aftertaste.

DHA fortified Milk

A new addition: La Serenísima Ultra-pasteurized Milk fortified with DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), an Omega-3 essential fatty acid, a primary structural component of the central nervous system. DHA Omega-3 is a valuable nutrient that helps support brain health, enhancing learning, concentration and memory at all ages.


We offer a new product, a natural fruit milk shake, made with partially-skimmed milk, fortified with calcium, iron and vitamins A, C and D.

85° Anniversary

La Serenísima celebrates 85 years providing high-quality products to Argentine consumers.

Crema Light [Light cream]

La Serenísima introduces its new reduced-calorie cream, with the same delicious taste of the regular version. This product contains 30% total fat and can be easily used in food preparations and desserts.


We launch MAS, a ready-to-go breakfast made with La Serenísima extended shelf-life milk. This product is ideal for people who do not have time to have breakfast at home. With MAS they get all the energy and nutrition necessary to face an intense day.

Finlandia Balance, Mascarpone, Protein

La Serenísima makes a big move and launches three new products: Mascarpone cheese - gluten-free, great for sweet recipes; Balance, a new version of Finlandia – low sodium, 70% less fat and 50% more protein; and Protein milk - 0% fat, reduced lactose and 50% more protein, - two new healthy options to eat well, even on a diet.