Come visit us!
For more than 30 years, La Serenísima has welcomed to our factory professionals, students and all those interested in learning about the origin of our top quality products. To book a tour in our Industrial Complex located in General Rodríguez (Buenos Aires), please e-mail us to:

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Who can visit us?

La Serenísima welcomes all visitors interested in learning about our work at Pascual Mastellone Industrial Complex.
La Serenísima welcomes all visitors interested in learning about our work at Pascual Mastellone Industrial Complex located at Brown 957, General Rodríguez, Province of Buenos Aires.

La Serenísima organizes tours for:

Educational Institutions: Primary schools as from 4th grade, Secondary Schools, Adult Learning Centers, Undergraduate Institutions, and National and International Universities, on weekdays.

Other Institutions (non-educational) Retirement centers, NGOs, sports clubs, community centers, on weekdays.

Private visitors: Family groups, up to 6 people, on Saturdays.

Students: Students preparing research work on the company, up to 6 people, on Saturdays.

Tour reservations

For tour reservations, please write to visitas@mastellone.com.ar, indicating type of visit requested (choose one of the 4 options above). We will contact you soon with all necessary information.

Contact our Visitor Center

Questions? Contact us at 0237-485 9141/9142/9145 or e-mail us including full name and contact data. Monday – Friday, 9 am – 5 pm.

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Tour Days, Description And Other Information
Tour days:

We offer tours on weekdays (Mon-Fri) for Educational and Non-Educational Institutions and on Saturdays for private visitors and students. During summer and winter school vacations, additional tours are offered on weekdays for private visitors.

Description and duration of tour:

The tour begins with an institutional video, continues with a guided visit through the factory, and ends with a healthy snack offered to all participants.
It is a walking tour, lasting about 1:30 hours, and it requires climbing some stairs.

What you will learn during the tour

As the tour walks along several production areas, you will be able to see processing, packaging and palletizing operations. You will also learn about the productive cycle, temperature processes, treatment of raw milk, manufacture of high-quality products, as well as our environmental-friendly policies and practices. The tour ends at the Museum, where you can learn about our company history and its evolution to the present days.


All visitors are welcome at our Industrial Complex. La Serenísima strives to provide its visitors with disabilities equal access to its facilities and tours. In case someone in your group requires special assistance (wheelchairs or other), please inform so during the booking process.

Things to know:

LLa Serenísima does not offer tours on public holidays and other official non-working days. Tour vacancies are limited. As tours are subject to factory availability, no tours can be scheduled for a specific date.
You will receive your tour confirmation by e-mail. Tours are not cancelled due to inclement weather. If you’ll be unable to attend the tour, please cancel your reservation by e-mail.
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Visitor rules

Learn about our safety rules for the day of your visit.
No cameras, cell phones or video cameras allowed.

No food, beverages or pets permitted.

Please wear comfortable, closed-toed shoes.

No bathing suits or sleeveless shirts permitted.

Our factory is smoke-free; no smoking is allowed within our premises.

Tour confirmations are personal and only registered persons will be admitted.

Visitor admission list is not subject to change. Any changes must be informed by e-mail to the Visitor Center.

Tour routes may be modified in case of changes in factory schedules or inclement weather.

Late arrivals may affect tour route.

Guests may not separate from the group or wander about without the guide’s authorization.

Always follow the guide’s instructions, otherwise the tour may be cancelled and guests invited to leave.

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Important info. Number of participants, number of visits per year, non-attendance
Important information
for educational institutions
Educational institutions may request a maximum of 4 visits per year. Tour groups will consist of 45 people or less: 40 students + 5 assistants (considering 1 assistant every 8 or 10 students).

Teachers may combine groups at discretion provided they do not exceed 40 students per group.

Please note that the same institution may take only two tours on a same day, maximum of 90 guests per day, divided into 2 groups of 45 people each. Additional tour requests will be scheduled on a different date.


When requesting a tour reservation, please inform any potential black-out dates for your institution, for example: Field trips, extra-curricular activities, local holidays, teacher training courses, public holidays, school events, among others. In view of the large amount of reservations we receive daily, we are unable to reschedule tours in case of non-attendance.


 Each institution is assigned a reference number. Please quote such reference number when making confirmations or inquiries by e-mail or telephone.